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Martin J. Fiedler

Martin J. Fiedler, studio founder, composer and producer has worked in music for many years. He is known for his ability to empathize with the artists he works with and build trust with them. Fiedler's studio work with artists often involves helping them to achieve their artistic vision and to create music that is both authentic and commercially viable.

Fiedler's approach to working with artists is grounded in a deep respect for their creative process. He recognizes that each artist is unique and requires a tailored approach to bring out their best work. Fiedler also understands the importance of building trust with his clients, as this is essential for them to feel comfortable sharing their ideas and collaborating effectively.

In the studio, Fiedler is known for his attention to detail and his ability to help artists achieve the sound they are looking for. He is skilled at working with a range of genres and styles, and is able to bring out the best in each artist he works with.

Overall, Martin J. Fiedler is a producer who is highly regarded for his empathy, trust-building skills, and studio work with artists. His approach is focused on helping his clients achieve their creative goals, and he has a track record of success in doing so.


Working with Martin J. Fiedler is an enriching, collaborative experience and unquestionably my favorite producer.

No one on the planet could have done a better job shephering Crime´s latest opus, the killer, into a glorious, majestic existence.


Simon Bonney / Crime & the City Solution 

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