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Crime + the City Solution

Joshua Murphy

Jonathan Dreyfus


Josh T. Pearson

TR Burge

Deux Femmes

Raoul Vignal

Hello Pity

Andy Aquarius


Victors Joy

Hugo Race

Hugo Cran

The Devastations

Calvin Le Baron


Gran Horno

House of Light

John Jeffery

Rooftop Runners

Benson Mac Isaac


Alex White - Fat White Family

Laura Bukowska

Mike O Dowd

Tom Adams

Lowlands has been reviewed and rated 9/10 by Whisperin' And

Hollerin. Again, my thanks for the feedback so far. It was an immense

joy to make this record, and I have been delighted to share it with you.

Lowlands can be streamed in full online, and is available via the

aufnahme + wiedergabe Bandcamp page.


Joshua Murphy 

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